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Contact:  Brittany Johnson, City Clerk

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During the August 5th, 2014 City Council Regular Session, the Council unanimously approved a resolution in the amount of $45,000 funding the start-up of a Chamber of Commerce.   This funding will include building rental, utilities, office equipment & supplies, computer, insurance costs, signage, website costs, etc.

One very important goal of the Semmes Chamber of Commerce will be to grow and promote small, medium and large-sized businesses in the greater Semmes area.  The Chamber will also serve as a resource for businesses providing information, assistance, networking and even educational and training opportunities.  With the majority source of the City’s revenue being sales tax revenue, the Chamber will play an important role in economic development in our area.

Having a good start for our Chamber will help to ensure the success of the organization and ensure the benefits that the City will reap in the future. 

“It’s a win-win situation for everyone,” said Mayor Hale.

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The City of Semmes was awarded the President’s Risk Management Award – Top 5% – at  the 2014 Annual Convention of the Alabama League of Municipalities in Mobile.

Approximately 740 public entities participate in one or both of the Alabama League of Municipalities (ALM) sponsored insurance programs which are the Municipal Workers Compensation Fund (MWCF) and the Alabama Municipal Insurance Corporation (AMIC).  The Board of Directors of both insurance programs approved the establishment of a Risk Management Award system in 2002.  The award system recognizes those members who have instituted risk management and loss control activities in an effort to reduce their loss ratio.  Rick management and loss control activities not only benefit the member’s loss ratio but also the overall success of the League sponsored insurance programs.  Through the efforts of the City of Semmes, employee, property and liability losses are being minimized; and – most importantly – employees and citizens are reaping the rewards of a safer workplace and community.

Recipients of the President’s Risk Management Award, which included the top 5% of those members with minimal losses for a five year period, received a specially designed memento.  Three additional levels of achievement – Gold, Silver and Bronze – were also recognized.  Recipients in these categories receive a plaque for the first year they are acknowledged and then a plate to be attached to the plaque for subsequent years.  The Gold, Silver and Bronze levels were for loss ratios of below 5%, 5% to 20%; and 20% to 40%, respectively.

The Alabama League of Municipalities was organized in 1935 and has served since that time as the recognized voice of the cities and towns in Alabama.  Through the years, the organization has steadily grown and now serves 450 municipalities.  This voluntary membership brings officials of cities and towns together in fellowship of public service – which strengthens and guides local government in a progressive, responsible fashion.  The primary purpose of the Alabama League of Municipalities is to promote understanding of municipal government and administration in Alabama and thereby advance the welfare of the people of this state.

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Celebrate Freedom Semmes
Video: Fireworks Finale' 

The City of Semmes would like to thank
Orchard Assembly of God and all of the sponsors for the
2014 Celebrate Freedom Semmes
Event held on July 3rd, 2014
at Mary G. Montgomery High School

Proposed DRAFT Comprehensive Plan
for the City of Semmes, Alabama
(click on graphic below for link)

This DRAFT plan has been developed over the last year by 
the Comprehensive Plan "Working Group" and Thompson Engineering
from input received from the Semmes Community at local Town Hall Meetings.  
The work for the plan was funded by a 50% match grant from the 
The plan is in "
draft" form and the Planning Commission and
"Comprehensive Plan Working Group" are soliciting final input and comments.

Committee positions for are now open for City Advisory Committees.  If you are interested in serving on an Advisory Committee and would like more information -->  Advisory Committees

The City of Semmes has a new Advisory Committee beginning in August, 2014 -- Historic Preservation!  More information will be posted on this committee soon.

The City of Semmes is now offering sponsorships on items placed in the Newly Opened Honor Park! 
Please come by City Hall to reserve yours. There are a limited number of items. First come, first served!

All funds raised from these sponsorships will go toward the cost of a veteran's monument
that is planned for the center of the flag area.

 Please call City Hall if you have questions. 251.649.8811 Order forms are available!

   Pergolas - 3 1 available
$600.00 each

Bench - 13 11 available
$500.00 each

Memorial Bricks
$35.00 each
(Color of brick is not accurately depicted in the photo above)


Monuments - 9 8 available
$800.00 each

(Air Force - not available)


Mobile AL

Please sign up now for Mobile County's automated notification system that will send you voice and text messages alerting you to a hurricane (and other emergencies) and giving you advice to protect life and property. The calling system will automatically call all numbers listed with AT&T. If you are unlisted with AT&T, you may register for the program here.


Planning Commission Meeting 
at City of Semmes
Council Chambers
(7875 Moffett Rd Unit #C)

Work Session Meeting
Tuesday, September 16th, 2014
at 10:00 AM

Regular Meeting
Tuesday, September 30th, 2014
at 6:00 PM

Information about
our Subdivision Regulations
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Meetings are 



City Council Meeting

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014
Work Session - 6:30 PM

Regular Session - 7:30 PM

City Council Chambers
7875 Moffett Road Unit #C
(in same complex as City Hall)

Committee Meetings
for the week of
September 15th, 2014

Special Projects Committee Meeting
Monday, September 15th, 2014
4:30 PM

Special Events Committee Meeting
Wednesday, September 17th, 2014
7:00 PM



December 4th, 2012

Adopted Business License Ordinance
Effective January 1, 2013

*Please note that currently the City Staff will forward all business license inquiries to RDS until further notice. An announcement will be placed on the website as City Staff begins accepting applications for business licenses. 

For more information on the City of Semmes business license, 
please contact 
RDS @ 800-556-7274

The Semmes 
"Yard of the Month" nomination form is 
now open!  



Semmes is more of a simpler way of life than a place - and as we grow, it is our desire to maintain our friendly, neighborly atmosphere, while preserving the rural community character we've developed over the last 100+ years.

** City Council Chambers **

As of October 25, 2011, all City Council Meetings
and Planning Commission Meetings
will be held in the new "City Council Chambers"
located at 7875 Moffett Road, Unit #C -- this is 3 units down
 from City Hall in the Century Bank Building
(next to WalMart in Semmes)

Sales Tax in 1.5 mile Police Jurisdiction is 1/2 of the city tax rate


Revenue Discovery Systems (RDS)
will collect the Sales, Use, Rental & Lodging
taxes for the City of Semmes


Contact RDS: 800-556-7274

Contact the city with any questions:


Effective August 1, 2011
City Sales Tax Rates for Semmes, AL

General Sales/Use Tax -- 2.5%

Automotive Sales Tax -- 1.0%

Rental Tax -- 2.5%

Lodging Tax -- 5.0%

If you are not sure if your business is located within the 1.5 police jurisdiction,
call the City office phone number at 251/649-8811 and give them your address Webutation


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